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Enrichment Day

Visit with the JZKeepers on Saturday June 4th as we give special enrichment chats with our animals and take donations of used clothing and empty aluminum beverage cans to replenish our enrichment funds! (See acceptable items here.)

All-Natural Animal Prints

Using natural paper and mud, the JZKeepers have created framed hoof and skin prints from the exhibits of the giraffe, tiger, bear, and other animals. Funds from the sale of this prints will go towards purchasing new enrichment items for exhibits that need them. Interested? Email us at jzkeepers@gmail.com!


A new provider for the netting has been found, and the material has been ordered. If all goes as planned, the netting will arrive just in time to be the last project on the agenda for the visiting AmeriCorps NCCC Delta 5 team of volunteers!

Before and after photos will be posted here. Thanks to all our donors who made this project happen!

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JZKeeper Notes


As the temperature rises, so does the level of GREEN in and around the animal exhibits. We often receive or overhear comments from guests regarding the “unmanicured” look of the park, or “overgrown” foliage. They don’t make the connection that wild environments and the front lawns of neighborhoods are not really supposed to look the…

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What We Do at the Jackson Zoo

BEING A JZKEEPER As professional animal care staff, it is our job to make sure the animals at the zoo are taken care of in every way. Being a zookeeper is much more than regular feeding and exhibit cleaning. We observe and record all behaviors and interactions between our animals, ourselves and other animals and…

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